Rosedale Reformed Bible Church

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About Us

Purpose & Statement of Faith

Rosedale Reformed Bible Church is an historic church, founded in 1907, that exalts the sovereignty of God.  Our purpose is to provide a local congregation of worship for the spreading of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ at home and abroad.

While we have not officially adopted the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 our beliefs are closely aligned with the doctrine and practice of the confession. Currently our statement of faith is being revised and will be updated once a finalized version has been made.

  • "Scripture Alone" - We believe that the ultimate written authority is the Bible, God's Word, which unfolds His covenant mercy from Genesis to Revelation.
  • "Grace Alone" - The source and cause of salvation is God's grace, sovereignly administered.
  • "Faith Alone" - God's grace produces in us faith, a trust and rest in Him and in His Gospel alone.
  • "Christ Alone" - The only ground of our justification before God is the blood and righteousness of Christ Jesus alone. 
  • "To God Alone be the Glory"  The Holy Trinity alone initiates, redeems, justifies and preserves us by His Grace, so all glory belongs to Him. Therefore, because it is the sovereign, holy God who rescues us, to "God Alone" be the glory.

Church Organization & Leadership


We believe that the clear biblical teaching is that of a plurality of elders both ruling and teaching (pastor) should lead the church in accord with God's direction in Scripture.


Deacons serve with the physical needs of the church as their calling to include financial stewardship and care of the church body.



We believe that the purpose of worship is to magnify the majesty and works of God in gratitude for His grace.  We believe that concerns for entertainment and self-gratification should not enter into worship, or into the church in general. We rely on the Bible to guide us in the way we worship, so that we can be confident that we are truly glorifying God in the process.

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